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Dog Boarding Kennel Melbourne


Dazzlin Doggie Country Village, Kennels & Cattery is perched on a broad hillside, overlooking Ballarats CBD. Situated between the Grampians and Melbourne, we are an easy drive to either destination. While your pets are enjoying their holiday at Dazzlin Doggie Kennels & Cattery they will receive professional care from our animal loving staff, be fed a high quality diet, and have adequate exercise and stimulation in our beautiful surroundings.

Kennels include:
Individual pens
Relaxed happy environment
A varied menu

Boarding Kennel

Special diets catered for
Indoor heated pens (small dogs only)
Vet on call 24 hours
Clipping/Grooming service

Dazzlin Doggie Country Village - Kennels and Cattery is located between, Grampians and Melbourne, on the edge of a broad hillside, which overlooks Ballarats CBD. While you are enjoying your holiday, your dog is enjoying his or her own at Dazzlin Doggie Country Village - Kennels and Cattery.

Dazzlin Doggie's dog boarding kennels Melbourne are truly comfortable for all kinds of dogs. We train dogs to be obedient in kennels.

Kennel Melbourne

Our kennels are located indoors as well as outdoors. Each boarding kennel has a comfortable bed. Dogs are kept in a happy, relaxed environment where they receive their special diets. Please contact us for further information on special needs for dogs.

For small dogs, indoor heated are placed for the winter months. All boarding kennels contain various toys. If your dog is fond of a particular toy or an item of entertainment he or she cannot do without, we welcome owners to bring along any such item with them. Large kennels in Melbourne are provided for dogs belonging to the same family.

Dogs will receive a wide selection of raw, dry and fresh cooked, high quality food on a daily basis. If your dog has a special diet, you can provide us with a list and, we would feed your dog accordingly. We also cater to dogs with special needs that include; diabetics, dementia, aging dogs with arthritis and, super active dogs. If your dog requires certain medication when boarding with us, we recommend bringing them along with you.

In addition to all the comfort, we also offer your dogs grooming and clipping services.If an owner wants his or her dog to get a bath, arrangements can be made and the owner will be charged accordingly.

Affordable Dog Boarding

We are based in Ballarat but also very popular in Melbourne. If, any of the dogs require medical assistance, while on their holiday, Dazzlin Doggie Country Village - Kennels and Cattery has an on call vet 24/7.  Dogs seeking medical attention would be isolated from other dogs until help arrives.

Any dog boarding with us must have a C5 vaccination certificate. It can either be the annual C5 vaccination or a combination of the three year C3 and C5 vaccinations. A sick dog unfortunately would not be boarded as we would need to cater to the welfare and health of our staff and dogs.

When acquiring our services, all you need to do is bring your dog along with his or her C5 vaccination certificate and the rest would be taken care of. Due to our low prices we unfortunately cannot arrange for pickups and you would need to drop your dog at our Dazzlin Doggie Country Village - Kennels and Cattery based in Ballarat.