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Doggy Day Care Melbourne

Do you see your dog trotting around in the house, looking sad and bored? He or she probably could be looking for a fellow dog, companion to play with. We at Dazzlin Doggie Country Village – Kennels and Cattery are the top doggy day care Melbourne services provider.

We take special pride in providing the best doggy day care services and, treat all visitors as one of our own. Our staff has been carefully selected for their training, expertise and, their natural kinship with dogs. We understand the extent of attention and care your dogs need and we are ready for all kinds of challenges. At Dazzlin Doggie Country Village – Kennels and Cattery, our aim is to give the homely feeling to your dog. We take care of all kinds of breeds.

Dogs are full of energy and they should be provided a venue to relive all their pent up energy so that, they can easily relax. We provide your dogs with indoor and, outdoor playground activities, fun programs, supervised play sessions, exercise programs and, plenty of attention and love.

When the new dogs are introduced in doggy day care, we let the dogs take in their surroundings and encourage them to make new friends. In our day care sessions, we provide interracial setting for the dogs to learn on how to interact properly within a healthy dog pack, at the same time, as they build kinship through playing in a fun filled environment.

Doggy Day Care

Some dogs like to stay inside, while others are awakened gently so that, they can have their morning exercise. We try to work at their own pace so that, the dog is encouraged to do further more things. Cheerful music surrounds the dogs every morning. High-energy exercises like; ball games and, bubble play keep the dogs well occupied throughout the day, so they do not feel homesick. Our staff carefully monitors each play group, so that the safety of all dogs is ensured.

Each dog is given individual love and cuddle time. Massages are given to dogs as a form of relaxation technique. After play and, before naptime, each dog is thoroughly brushed. If the dog is returning home after a couple of days, then he or she will be given a complimentary maintenance brush.

Older dogs, adult dogs and puppies, all are given separate care. So you do not have to worry, thinking that your old dog might not adjust well with the other adult dogs or puppies. You will not believe the changes or how stylish your dog looks when you will pick him or her from the doggy day care from Dazzlin Doggie Country Village – Kennels and Cattery.