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Dog Minding Melbourne

Do you have trouble leaving your furry precious dog behind at home, when you are out for a vacation? All you do is worry about your pet and thus go without enjoying your vacation to the full. Do not leave your dog behind to a neighbor, because, you never know whether your dog will feel comfortable at one’ home or not.

Dazzlin Doggie Country Village – Kennels and Cattery provides the best services for your dog in, dog minding Melbourne. We at Dazzlin Doggie Country Village – Kennels and Cattery know what is paramount for your dog and, give your pet the same love as you do. Depending on the disposition and, nature of the dog, whether they have angst, behavioral or, separation issues, leaving them in an empty house or, a kennel can cause problems. If you leave them alone at home, they might feel lonely and, become anxious, or even violent.

Dog Minding

Dazzlin Doggie Country Village – Kennels and Cattery is dedicated in taking care of your dog through our services, which are widely available in dog minding. Whatever challenges your dog provides, behavioral or medical, we are up to it. There is nothing as too much trouble, when it comes to taking care of your precious dog. Many owners believe that dog minding by professionals always makes a dog more happy and, organized.

Dogs are more socializing than any other pet. They like to be loved and, often cuddled. They like the company of humans and, they like to have a routine. We know what your dog needs and, so, we try to stick completely to your dog’s routine.

Our professionals are specialized in taking care of the dogs. They are basically like “dog whisperers”. We will take your dog out for a walk, feed it his or her favourite food, play his or her favorite game “fetch” and, even entertain him or her with the music and, TV.

If we feel your dog is feeling depressed or sad then, for a little while, we can make a plan to bring your dog at our Dazzlin Doggie Country Village – Kennels and Cattery. A little company with other dogs will definitely do him or her good.

We are very flexible with the dog minding hours. Whether it is for a few hours, a day, week, and month or, a more prolonged time, services of Dazzlin Doggie Country Village – Kennels and Cattery in dog minding, will take absolute care of your lovely furry family member. We ensure you that, when you will come back home, your lovely dog will be fresh and clean, awaiting your return.